Best SEO extensions for Google Chrome

One thing we love about using Google Chrome, is the sheer amount of extensions. With many extensions on the Chrome store picking the right one can take a long time. This is why we have collected our favourite extensions which we use them every day. Not only they are easy to use but extremely fast. Our favourite SEO extensions  * META …

Easily fix WordPress POST and REQUEST 404 error on form submission

If you have been trying to submit a form in WordPress and you are receiving a 404 error page, well the chances of the cause being using a reserved keyword can be extremely high. This is because one or many of your field name  is being reserved by WordPress. In the below snippet, name=”calendar”  is a reserved word. Submitting the …

Get user data from textbox in C# windows form application

Getting the user data from a textbox is extremely easy in C#. You can get the data and display it by just using two methods. Video tutorial is at the bottom of the post 🙂 Yes, that’s it! MessageBox is responsible for handling operations related to the Dialog window. I think every C# app will use the Dialog window. The …

Search Engine Friendly Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs, are often given the least priority in a website. However, they play an important role in today’s search engine optimization. By using breadcrumbs markup code, you will help Google to better categorize the information on your website. You would need to implement the breadcrumb markup  .   For example, on a used car website the breadcrumb would be Used -> …

WordPress category template page not found

If you have been developing themes on WordPress, one thing which you face in the early stages is receiving 404 page not found on the category page. WordPress searches for the following files in your theme directory and loads the first theme file found:

Adapter pattern PHP

Adapter pattern helps us to adopt to new changes.Adapter pattern helps us to adopt to new changes.Adapter pattern helps us to adopt to new changes.Adapter pattern helps us to adopt to new changes.

Active Record vs Data Mapper

If you have been using ORMs such as Doctrine or Propel. You have definitely came across the terms Active Record or Data Mapper. But if you have been using a framework such as Laravel you mostly have no clue what are they. Well, it is important to know meaning of each and when to  integrate one of them.